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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(pam) new at ten:new restrictions are in effect for a popular san francisco nightclub.... the north beach hot spot has been under scrutiny because of violence and noise complaints... starting tonight -- the hue nightclub will no longer be able to have live music after midnight. good evening i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson... now the owners of the club are firing back at the city... saying the business is being unfairly targeted because of "racial bias". kron4's hermela aregawi is live in san francsico.. hermela -- you talked to the nightclub owners.. what are they telling you?
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they say they're being used as scapegoats for the usual nightlife problems on this strip because of their mostly black clientele.owners tell us that hue in the two years it's been here has never violated the city's noise or alcohol service ordinances.they say they don't have an unusual amount of drunken behavior or fights for a nightclub.but police and the city's entertainment commission disagree.owners say it's a death sentence.bennett montoya/hue nightclub owner: for us to not be able to play live entertainment after twelve. it's making it almost impossible for us to survive. but city officials say the new
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restrictions are necessary based on the number of incidents related to the club. police say in nearly two years.. there have been 65 ranging from noise complaints, public drunkenness and brawls like this one the night of saint patrick's day.the entertainment commision says that is an overwhelming amount of calls for service.bennett montoya/hue nightclub owner: how many of those are hue related? being on a very busy vibrant entertainment district of multiple venues where you can just walk 20 feet left and 20 feet right and there's another entertainment bar, restaurant or adult venue. to really pinpoint it just on one venue is kind of alarming.when asked about hue, some residents like this one told kron 4's so dangerous that placebut a business owner nearby says the nightclub acts's always a good experience. we're very supportive. these guys are, especially the security guys,
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everything that happned on the block, they're always there.i think they're being targeted. i mean i could say the crowd can be out of control sometimes, but they have a good security team. i've been here for 10 years so no i don't think there's a problem owners say they feel targeted because police have asked them to stop hip hop parties and have said things like they're bringing oakland and richmond to san francisco.bennett montoya/hue nightclub owner: race has been really brought up because of certain organizations in the community and sfpd asking us to not cater to certain events. certain types of music that brings a certain type of demographic to this area.a change-dot-orgpetition supporting the nightclub has than 1000 signatures (pam) just in tonight -- we have learned a two- year-old boy .... involved in a child abuse case in stockton... has died from his injuries at oakland children's hospital.... here is the picture of the baby... jaxson... the stockton police department says, the woman who abused him is his own step- mom... chalsey maynard... the 30-year-old was arrested wednesday and charged with three- counts of child abuse...
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sadly.. the reported abuse against jaxson is not new.... from december 2016 to june 2017, child protective services in san joaquin county says, there were seven- reports of abuse against him.... the emotional mother says, not enough was done to protect her child.....
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sogomonian is live at u-c berkeley... one of the targets the suspect allegedly talked about attacking. ella you met with the man's uncle? i did this is an east bay family who is struggling since the terror related charges saying they believe the justice system will reveal amer al haggagi's true nature. a federal grand jury charged 22-year-old east bay man amer alhaggagi with attempting to support the terror group isis. his uncle met with kron 4 news to defend the character of a young man he calls peaceful. "what has this week been like for your family?" sot: hashem
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awnallah, uncle// "very difficult to say the least, very difficult."he says the family is distraught by the accusations because they've never seen a sign of radicalization. sot: hashem awnallah, uncle// "if they news something was going on they would have taken measures. i mean the young man is known for being pleasant, friendly, peaceful. totally not violent or radicalized." but prosecutors claim alhaggagi told an undercover agent he planned get up to 10 thousand people by attacking various bay area locations like berkeley high school where he himself graduated in 2013, uc berkeley, along with the mission and castro districts in san attorney read what they say are al haggagi's own words aloud in the courtroom sot: : "i live close to san francisco, that's like the gay capital of the world. i'm gonna handle them right lol. i'm gonna place a bomb in a gay club. by god, i'm going to tear up the city.then quote, "the whole bay area is going to be up in haggagi grew up in the east bay and most recently lived in west oakland. his uncle says the charges don't reflect al haggai's charitable good nature.sot: hashem awnallah, uncle// "he delivered food to community members that are in need and specifically the homeless and west berkeley. i would characterize his mother as the mother theresa of oakland the amount of food she cooks for charity."
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the f-b-i says al-haggagi told them of plans to set brush fires in the berkeley hills, sell drugs laced with poison in san francisco, and place backpack bombs around u-c berkeley. alhaggagi also faces id theft charges. if convicted on all charges he faces 47 years in prison. live in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) north korea has launched its second ballistic missile this month... the pentagon confirming that earlier today... now, global security officials say, this is raising concerns that the reclusive nation... is on the verge of developing a long- range weapon. and if the reports of the missile's maximum altitude and flight time are correct, it may have been able to reach the bay area... los angeles, denver and chicago. u-s officials say, while north korea can currently get a missile "off the ground," there are still a lot of undetermined variables about guidance, re-entry and the ability to hit a specific
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target. (pam) president donald trump announced a major west wing shakeup friday evening... signaling a change in direction for the administration... this comes on the heels of a major legislative failure ... with the senate's inability to approve an obamacare repeal... as well as some very public feuding among top white house aides. reporter emily schmidt is in washington with the latest. two short presidential tweets announced the end of the shortest-serving white house chief of staff in recent presidential history.reince priebus is out....and homeland security secretary general john kelly will be moving into the west wing.white house sources say the move had been discussed for a couple of weeks---and finalized thursday-- before priebus accompanied the president on air force one for a quick trip to new york.on that trip--the president offered unsolicited public praise to general kelly--president donald trump: i want to congratulate john
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kelly, who has done an incredible job of secretary of homeland security. one of our real stars, truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. and by the time the president landed back at joint base andrews--the tweet announcing kelly as the next white house chief of staff went out from donald trump's personal twitter account. priebus says his resignation was a mutual decision finalized thursday by a president who has great political instincts.reince priebus/former wh chief of staff: "he intuitively determined that it was time to do something different. and i think he's right."priebus would not comment about white house communications director anthony scaramucci--who got his job just a week ago and since then very publicly disparaged priebus--calling him a leaker, and a number of expletives.general kelly officially takes on the white house chief of staff job monday morning--starting with a cabinet meeting. in washington, i'm emily schmidt.
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(grant) happening now:a serial arsonist may be on the loose in the east bay. fire investigators are chasing leads on a series of small grass fires in antioch that were set close each other.... both in time and location. kron four's spencer blake has what we know.. it's obvious where the grass fire burned at the end of alpha way in antioch thursday. fire investigator vic massenkoff showed me where the flames licked up against fencesand where a little bit of smoke was still rising friday afternoon."so i've got a - it looks like a stump or a fence post that's still burning."this area was one of three fires that started in broad daylight - around noon - and damaged some fences and a few items in people's backyards."someone acted with the intent to start a fire and then leave the scene, and then obviously the fire's uncontrolled at that point." "now just up over this ledge is the railroad track, and the other two fires were right along it as well."a couple of thursday's fires were less
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than one acre, and the third was about two acres.these are similar in size to áfive fires that all happened wihin an hour last week."we do have a serial arsonist in this case and i would say in the case last week, and it may actually be the same person."but at the same time, the contra costa county fire protection district says these strings of fires are not unusual in the least bit.massenkoff says áevery county in the bay area probably has áseveral intentionally set fires every áday, and that arson is underreported nationwide."when people find out how often arson occurs in their community or their jurisdiction, they're surprised and they're shocked sometimes."many counties don't have full time fire investigators anymore to look into suspected arsons.contra costa county has four, and they even have legal authority to make one of them, massenkoff is confident these latest fires are tied to a transient."quite often people have seen something that helps us in our investigation, but it doesn't seem significant to them." in antioch, spencer blake, kron four news.
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.slightly cooler temperatures are forecast for today and saturday as a weak upper trough approaches the northern california coast. even so, most inland areas will remain warm. a gradual warming trend is then forecast from sunday through much of next week as a high pressure ridge strengthens over the western united states. thus, expect a prolonged period of very warm temperatures inland. mild conditions will persist near the coast. (pam) coming up:just days after we showed you disturbing video of a shark being dragged behind a boat... the new shark abuse video that surfaced ... and both incidents are connected to the same person. (grant) then -- we talk to the local woman randomly attacked walking on a busy
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street. just how common people in the area say these types of assaults are becoming. (pam) and next:a woman says, she was the vicitm of road rage on one of the bay area's closest watched freeways. you won't belive what the c=h=p told her.... when she asked about the surveillance cameras. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (grant) a victim of road
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rage on an east bay freeway is sharing her story tonight. the woman says a motorcyclist
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smashed her side mirror. she's not only angry at the attacker.. as kron4's maureen kelly reports -- she's fustrated with the lack of response from law enforcement. pretty pissed off the antioch resident, who wants to remain anonymous, is checking out the damage she says was done to her car while she was driving on highway 4 in pittsburg yesterday afternoon. her passenger side mirror was shattered, and the plastic covering busted off. she says it was done by a motorcycle driver who had been tailgating her while she drove in the fast lane. she thinks he was mad that she didn't move out of his way.he pulled up on the side of me again and then he had punched out here almost flipped me off and then took off about 100 in and out of traffic trying to get away the victim called the chp hoping that they can use the cameras installed on highway 4 to catch the person who did this she says the response she got from the officer who responded frustratinghe said basically the cameras that are installed our plate readers only so will flag it if a car stolen and that's the only
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pointhe said no there was nothing he could do. i can report it to my insurance company or pay out of pocket since the damage will probably be less than her deductible, she decided not to file a report and instead called kron4.down why can't there be justice?the pio at the contra costa chp office was out and i was referred to the da's office.i explained the victim's situation to senior deputy attorney mary knox.she says there are both liscense plate readers and cameras on highway 4 in pittburg that are monitored by pittsbugh pd. it's a system that is working to combat crime and is expected to be expanded and enhanced starting this year. in the future what's being called a freeway safety network will go from highway 80 in richmond to highway 4 in antioch. the deputy da said her advice to the victim, would be to call the chp again and this time file a report. she can then request that the chp follow up with pittsburg pd to review their footage to see if he was caught on camera. she says it's possible the chp officer who responded was simply uninformed of what pittsburg pd's recently installed camera system is capable of.maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) tonight - we are learning
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new details about the central valley driver who live streamed the deadly crash... that left her younger sister dead. police now say.. 18-year-old obdulia sanchez kicked, spit and yelled racial slurs at first responders on the scene.... first responders say, after the accident, she kicked a paramedic in the face, so they had to strap her to a gurney for everyone's safety. earlier today ... sanchez pleaded 'not guilty' to six- felony counts, including drunken driving and gross vehicular manslaughter.a judge refused to lower her bail and she will remain in jail.. (pam) another big story tonight: a 77- year -old fremont man is facing multiple charges for alleged sexual
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assault of a developmentally challenged woman. as kron4's charles clifford reports.. the suspect in this case was apparently caught in the act by alert neighbors ... who detained him until police arrived. the fremont police departments say that 77 year old cheuk li of fremont was arrested last week on multiple charges including sexual battery. li was taken into custody following an incident on july 21st where a developmentally challenged adult female was reported missing near this mcdonalds on grimmer boulevard.when officers arrived on scene to investigate, they found several neighbors restraining li in the parking lot. upon further investigation, they learned that li and the missing woman had been found in the back of li's subaru outback with the windows rolled up and the doors locked. police also say that the adult female may have been a victim of sexual battery. upon speaking with witnesses, obtaining a statement from li and reviewing surveillance video police arrested li and he is now facing charges of kidnapping, sexual battery and dependent adult abuse.cheuk li does have a criminal background that includes a 2001 conviction for sexual battery. he is also registered
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as a sex offender but in 2013, li was arrested by fremont police for failing to comply with his sex offender registration requirements. friday afternoon, we visited li's home in fremont. there was a subaru outback parked in the driveway, but no appeared to be home. in fremont, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) the stanford department of public safety is investigating an alleged sexual assault... it was reported on the west side of campus.... in student housing late thursday night. investigators say, the victim and her alleged attacker .... know each other. this comes just ten days.. after a woman reported she was raped in the same area on campus last week. the department of public safety says, it does not appear that the two cases are related. (granta live look outside tonight...(pam)brittney has
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the forecast .slightly cooler temperatures are forecast for today and saturday as a weak upper trough approaches the northern california coast. even so, most inland areas will remain warm. a gradual warming trend is then forecast from sunday through much of next week as a high pressure ridge strengthens over the western united states. thus, expect a prolonged period of very warm temperatures inland. mild conditions will persist near the coast.
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(pam) still ahead - new at ten:he just may be president trump's biggest fan.. meet
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the california nine year old boy - whose letter to the white house is gaining national attention. (grant) and next..another video of shark abuses surfaces.. but -- are the disturbing acts actually illegal?
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just days after a video of a shark being dragged behind a boat in florida went viral... a second disturbing video has surfaced... this time -- a hammer head shark being drowned in beer. as reporter michael paluska tells us --- both videos appear to be connected to the same person. we want to warn you -- some viewers may find the videos disturbing.
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(grant) at this point -- no one
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is facing any criminal charges related to the videos. but the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission investigation is ongoing. (pam) coming up - new at ten:a father accused of setting a house on fire with his children inside... what he allegeldy told them -- before he took off. (grant) then -- also new at ten:serious concerns over the ford explorer... has some local police departments making changes to their fleets. (pam) and next:we talk to the woman randomly attacked while walking on a busy bay area street.
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(pam) tonight -- we are hearing from the victim of this violent attack. the woman was walking down a busy street -- when she was hit in the face -- the entire thing caught on camera. now people who work in the oakland
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neighborhood where it happened... say this time of crime happens more than you might think.(grant) kron4's haaziq mayun visited the neighborhood... and spoke with the woman who was attacked. why do you have that?it is the video of a woman being hit in the face by a man while she was walking here on 40th ave and international blvd in oakland's fruitvale district.the image is being passed around the neighborhood to alert residents. the incident was just a few doors from eva pena's bakery. she says it is just the latest random act of violent crime in this community
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she was attacked. she asked not to reveal her identity, assault victim/voice of translator: "but now that after this happened now i feel fear even more walking anywhere">more police patrols are desired by some in this mostly latino community but not all says city councilmember noel gallonoel gallo/oakland city council: "you know we have had the traffic division on motorcycles and i get the calls sometimes saying that police are scaring away customers. so i think we can't have it both ways">this shop owner has no problems with seeing more police in the fruitvale district if it means putting a stop random attacks like this oakland police tell me they are still investigating this case. as for the victim she told me that she is still seeing double vision in her left eye and that a doctor told her that surgeory is necessary for her regain her vision. in oakland haaziq maydun kron4news (pam) another mob- style
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attack on bay area public transit. this time a woman was targeted by a group of girls while riding muni. the 30 year old woman was riding a bus on kearny and market street last night. that's when police say a group started harassing her. when she pulled out her phone to call police --- they started beating her. the victim then dropped her phone. the attackers grabbed it then ran off. some riders say the violence has them on edge. (pam) earlier this week we told you about (pam) (pam) earlier this week we told you about another attack on muni.... a group of teens violently assaulted a teenager. that incident happened back in may. the boy's outraged mother shared this video with us. in response to the attacks -- police say.. they have increased patrols. and muni says despite these high profile cases - crime is actually going down.
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(pam) bart police cracking down on cellphone thefts .. following a sharp spike in the crimes since the beginning of the year. the department has launched a public awareness campaign .... to help prevent the thefts. in the most recent incident, a juvenile was arrested after grabbing a victim's phone and attempting to run away.. a bart officer was able to locate and arrest the suspect in that incident. bart advises riders to be aware of their surroundings ... especially when pulling into a station.. because that's when the grab and run thefts usually occur -- right as the train doors open. (grant) now an update to a story we first told you about last night... a combat veteran forced out of campus housing at notre dame de namur university because he was too old... the 31-year- old ivan zamora says in an email from the university... it explained that zamora is over the age limit of 25 years old to qualify. a rule that wasn't enforced last semester
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when he lived in the dorms. tonight the university releasing a statement saying that they regret a miscommunication with zamora....and value veterans who are our students and unfortunately we gave him inaccurate information. they are working to accommodate all housing requests for fall and will be communicating directly and quickly with those students impacted (grant) happening now: some bay area police forces making changes to their fleet... it's after the city of austin texas pulled all its ford explorers...after detecting potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the vehicles. now san francisco police and richmond police are installing monitors in their police explorer vehicles.tonight, as reporter mary maloney tells us, a national investigation is underway. the national highway traffic safety administration has
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expanded an investigation into 1.3 milion ford explorers over possible carbon monoxide issues. this applies to vehicles made between 2011 and 2017.the nhtsa says more than 2,700 complaints have been filed by owners who were concerned they were exposed to carbon monoxide while in explorers, including those who drive them as police vehicles. ken casaday/austin police assoc.: "from what i understand these officers were tested, and they had double and triple the amount of carbon monoxide in their system they're supposed to have."the announcement comes on the heels of the austin, texas police department pulling all explorers from their police fleet following multiple complaints. brian manley/ austin police chief: "over the past five months we have had 62 workers comps reports filed by officers for exposure to carbon monoxide." the 446 explorers make up a large majority of the department's fleet. brian manley/ austin police chief: "it is the absolute right decision based on the concerns that we have over carbon monoxide exposure issues we've had that impact our employees' health, wellness, and safety."
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some officers, including one from california, are suing ford motor a statement late friday, ford said they "will cover the costs of specific repairs in every police interceptor utility that may have carbon monoxide concerns."i'm mary moloney reporting. (pam) new at ten:we are hearing from the wife of a man accused of setting his home fire... with his children and their grandmother.. inside. it happened in stockton. reporter kay recede sat down with the woman -- who is urging her husband to turn himelf in. a home on percival way in stockton... damaged by fire... a garage gutted...but jaime vargas.. says what was happening inside this home was far more heartbreaking...
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vargas says she and her husband, john rodriguez - have been going through a difficult time...(jaime vargas, suspectús wife) 'emotions.... tendencies...' and on thursday evening — she says áhis emotions hit a breaking point.according to stockton police - rodriguez set fire to his own home.... with his kids inside. (jaime vargas, suspectús wife)'my kids are crying and theyúre like mommy, daddy set the house on fire.'after he allegedly set the fire, vargas says he yelled to his daughters inside, 'i hope you still love me after this'... and took off.she says - he hasnút been seen since.his wife and daughters managed to make it out safely... but their grandmother and dog were still trapped inside(luis zamudio, good samaritan)'when they told me grandma was in there kinda everything kinda faded away and i was like ok, i gotta find grandma.'luis zamudio says after thinking of his own mother -- he found the courage to rush inside the burning home(zamudio)"when they told me grandma was in there kinda everything kinda faded away and i was like ok, i gotta find grandma."zamudio rescued the girlús grandmother... all while other good samaritans were trying to fight the flames themselves
10:38 pm
and comfort the girls... (tamara keene, good samaritan) 'so i got the children iúm hugging them and theyúre crying, hugging them. one of them didnút have shoes on their feet, didnút have water so i run in the house, ran and got some shoes and some water.' vargas is very grateful for all of their help(vargas)'i walked up to him, i was like thank you and he just gave me a hug.'but with rodriguez still on the run — she still fears for her daughtersú safety... and is begging him to do the right thing for their family.(vargas)'turn yourself in and get yourself right for your kids. ok? thatús all i ask.'in stockton kay recede fox40 news
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(grant) but first -- he might just be the president's biggest the local boy whose letter to the president... got some national attention. and why his make america great again birthday cake almost didn't happen.
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john jerit/american paper optics: "we've been marketing for two years but we couldn't get anybody to pay attention." john jerit knew something big was coming. john jerit/american paper optics: "come january it clicked. we'll be shipping them out all the way up until august 18. of course, the big day is the 21st." jerit says the site alone for his american paper optics in memphis is getting a
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thousand orders a day for these. john jerit/american paper optics: "multiple designs on a page."glasses for viewing the eclipse. john jerit/american paper optics: "those sheets are running through there and we're dye-cutting the eye holes out. here's that same sheet we just looked at once it's been cut." jerit has a five station process set up. john jerit/american paper optics: "here's where we're gluing automatically the eclipse glasses. the glue is coming off here. it lays a strip of film on the left and the right eye. this is the eclipse material. it goes on through and it gets folded over. there's some quality control checking here at the end to make sure everything's registered correctly and everything's good. you've got a nicely printed and dye cut and glued sheet. then they're stripped out rubber banded neat ready to ship out. we're going to hit over 40 million glasses so we're in the last five million range here we're doing now." he says the goal of all these people working here is to play a role in a major event and make sure as many as possible . . get to see it take place. john
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jerit/american paper optics: "this is for people to get together. what you want to hear from your kids you want them to ask when's the next one? and that's the emotion you want to create." --tag-- jerit said knock-off glasses are being sold online and they look his.those fakes can be avoided by buying from the company's site and amazon. company's glasses have silver lenses on the outside on the inside. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies
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(stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (pam) a few days ago --
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the white house press secretary started the press briefing with a letter from one of president trump's supporters.(grant) as reporter karma dickerson shows us -- the letter came from a nine-year-old stockton boy... who is perhaps one of the president's biggest fans.
10:47 pm
nat- walks out the doorhe dresses like trumpsot-at least once a week he would wear one of his suits to schoolhe reads about trumpsot- sue ann harbin- he sat down, 5, 10 minutes every day, i have to help him with the bigger words and even aspires to earn like trumpnat- whatús that? my trump moneypresident donald trumpús biggest fan is a nine-year-old stockton boy called pickle.but unlike his favorite president... pickle—short for dyl-pickle--shortened from dylan--- gets a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight. nat- rubs eyesbut if thereús one think that tickleús pickle... itús watching wednesdayús white house press briefingsot-dylan 'pickle' harbin- i sent him a letter and asked if he could be my friend and he said yeswhere amid a week full controversy and scandal--- press secretary sarah huckabee sanders read this letter.sot-huckabee sanders- my name is dylan harbin but everyone calls me pickle... then he asks the president a few questions sot-dylan- how old are you, how big is the white house... i donút know people donút like you can we be friends? sot-huckabee sanders-i spoke to the president dylan and he would be more than happy to be your friend.and that's the moment pickleús been living for sot-pickle- i want him to tell me i can be presidentever since his third-grade class held a mock election last year. mom sue ann harbin says while she has to filter some trump headlines to keep things age appropriate... she's supports her sonsot- actually nobody wanted to make his cakeeven tracking down the only baker who would make a make america great hat birthday cakeif youúre ever in washington dc, i hope youúll stop by and let us show you around the white housenat- exhaleitús all bit overwhelming for pickle... but mom says sheúll make it happen sot- sue ann- i donút know how mom will get you there, but weúll get you there.
10:48 pm
(pam) his mom says, his love for the president came after learning about him in dylan's third grande class. .slightly cooler temperatures are forecast for today and saturday as a weak upper trough approaches the northern california coast. even so, most inland areas will remain warm. a gradual warming trend is then forecast from sunday through much of next week as a high pressure ridge strengthens over the western united states. thus, expect a prolonged period of very warm temperatures inland. mild
10:49 pm
conditions will persist near the coast.
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the giants opening a three game set against the dodgers. matt moore was on the hill and he got some help in the in the seventh inning game tied at 2 -- nick hundley hits one down the left field line... and into the corner... jae-gyun hwang round the bases... slides home to avoid the tag -- giants take the lead 3-2 bottom of the inning -- dodgers tie it up at 4 -- big game for cory seager -- for the second time tonight... he hurts the giants with the long ball -- he hits a go-ahead 2-run homer dodgers win 6-4 bob melvin stuck at 999
10:51 pm
wins -- an a's win over the twins... would put him in the exclusive club of one- thousandth managerial wins. recording rapper and oakland native g-eazy threw out the first pitch tonight. the a's fell behind early in the game -- brian dozier drives one down the middle -- minnesota extend their lead 3-nothing still in the fourth -- the a's can't make the play at first -- ryon healy can't tag miguel sano -- tries getting the out at home, but dozier is ruled safe twins win 6-3 a's have now lost five straight(wipe to bill king) tomorrow... a's legendary announcer, bill king will be inducted into cooperstown. he will receive the ford c. frick award for his excellence in baseball broadcasting. king died back in 2005 -- he spent 25 years in the a's broadcast booth. he was best known for his 'holy toledo' call. king will join legends like vince scully, jon miller, and jack buck he will be recognized
10:52 pm
a day before the player's hall fo fame induction. the raiders reported to training camp... up in napa. tomorrow will be their first practice as for the niners -- they finally signed third overall pick, solomon thomas finally signed his rookie contract. the stanford product signed a four-year deal worth more than 28-million dollars, including a signing bonus of about 18.6- million -- all the money is expected to be guranteed. general manager, john lynch... who seemed worried during the team's press yesterday... was excited to announce thomas deal on twitter he tweeted a picture of thomas signing his contract and said "pen to paper... welcome solly. we can't get enough of the reigning n-b-a champs. kevin durant set a new guinness world record in india. the warriors superstar hosted the world's largest basketball lesson across multiple venues it is the largest basketball lesson ever held -- 3,459 children attended the event. a group of kids were at the
10:53 pm
n-b-a academy india, while others via satellite participated from bengaluru (ben-gal-uuru), hyderabad(hi- dera-bad), and kolkata (kolh- katah) durant is in support the continued basketball in the country. (pam) ahead at 11... for the first time... we are seeing the bay area man facing terror - related charges... accused of talking about attacking popular areas around the bay area... all in the name of isis. tonight why his family is defending his character... keep it right here for kron 4 news at 11... all the day's big stories and your forecast, in half the time(grant) but first, if you build it - they will go around kron four's stanely robert shows us what not to do - when it comes parking around pier 39...
10:54 pm
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[ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles.
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lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (grant) when you see a
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parking spot sometimes you have to go for it .... we all know a spot can come and go in an instant.(pam) but what if it's a parking structure and the entrance is just feet away, can you still go for it? maybe not....... stanley roberts explains from pier 39. you got me stanley! what are you doing (hysterical laughter) you know better right (hahahaha) he know better he does that all the time ahh does he?if you build it they will go around case in point pier 39 parking entrance on beach street in san francisco you are permitted to turn right but not left nats: ambiancein fact there is a barricade and a no left turn into garage
10:58 pm
sigh, and since it's a commercial district u-turns are also not permitted infact just 250 feet away is the entrance where left turns are permitted.nats: ambiance so based on all the information i just supplied there is absolutely no reason whey anyone needs to turn left . so let the games begin nats: ambiance what is it about a barricade that makes people want to go around it lets ask see that sign right there you just turned in front of what does that say no left turn into garage (wasn't the car in front of me doing this) yea you followed him that why that's the way were doing see the sign no left turn see those barricades so apparently if one driver see's another person turning their steering wheel in one direction then forget about any signs or barricades and follow nats: ambiance this parking lot charges 10 dollars per hour with a 50 dollar max . the fine for ignoring the sign and turning left 238..
10:59 pm
the same for the u-turn i watched as drivers roll by looking at the barricade then seeing the entrance and its like oooooh look parking and block traffic just to pull in nats: ambiance i think this driver pulled up legally say the parking prices and they flipped a u-turn around the barricard nats: ambiance now if sfpd started issuing tickets for people going around the barricades you can bet your bottom dollar someone will simply say it's a revenue stream instead of simply drivingdown the block and doing it the right way .. but like my mom use to say that's too (grant) now at 11... tonight for the first time... we are now putting a face to
11:00 pm
the oakland man facing terror - related charges...(pam) the f-b-i accuses him of sharing plans to attack the bay area ... in the name of isis. (grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson...(pam) and i'm pam moore... tonight -- his family talks to kron 4 ... in his defense. (grant) kron4's ella sogomonian talked to the man's uncle about the bay area locations the suspect was allegedly talked about attacking.. a federal grand jury charged 22-year-old east bay man amer alhaggagi with attempting to support the terror group isis. his uncle met with kron 4 news to defend the character of a young man he calls peaceful. "what has this week been like for your family?" sot: hashem awnallah, uncle// "very difficult to say the least, very difficult."he says the family is distraught by the accusations because they've never seen a sign of radicalization. sot: hashem awnallah, uncle// "if they news something was going on they would have taken


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